Soft Sensing Workshop #3 – (Solo) Research Group – Bacterial Cellulose Synth

I’m very interested in working with organic material and technology. I chose to work with Kombucha Scoby which is created by Kombucha liquid. After testing it in class, I realized it was conductive, so I used 2 sewing needles connected to wires that ran into the power and ground on my breadboard. The sewing needles were connected on the bottom part of the Scoby and the top. I used a 10k resistor to connect between the ground because I was getting a reading of 7-17k ohms depending on manipulation.

I connected this to Max Msp and mapped the values of the Scoby as it was being manipulated to the frequency of a sine wave.




Further Explorations:

  • Cutting or growing kombucha scoby into different shapes i.e. strips for a kind of string instrument
  • how to interact with it so it doesn’t become contaminated, if I’d use it for multiple performances

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