Kimberly Lin and I have been developing a deck that interprets each card with a movement. “Soma” comes from the idea of Somatic  therapy where our experiences, emotions and trauma are not only stored in our mind but throughout our body. This week we added our interpretations for the 6 cards we have recorded so far. We referenced these two books (will add author names and titles here). We recorded it through a vocal processor I have to give it a touch of cyborg & swimming in the cosmos feeling.

We wanted the videos to loop but the audio to repeat only once when the card was selected while maintaining the random function. This was executed in P5 with help from Leon.

We are still developing the concept of how we want people to engage with it and am thinking of it more as an installation with life size videos and and a physical component as opposed to a website.



Fabrication Week #5 – Two Materials – Copper Pipe & Cellophane

I really wanted to work with copper pipes and chose to use iridescent cellophane, a material that contrasts it tough, industrial feel. I bought a 10 foot piece of pipe from the hardware store, street tees, and a pipe cutter. I used glue for the pipe connections and to attach the cellophane and also tape to keep the cellophane in a conical end so it tapers down.

When I cut the pipes I smushed the ends and then needed to hammer them back into place to fit into the street tees.

I’m interested in expanding on this and doing a maze like sculpture incorporating light and sound.