Digital Fabrication – Final Project Mask


I’m going to combine my final for Digital Fabrication with NIME performance. There will be strips of bacterial cellulose on the table formed from Kombucha, that I’ll be using as variable resistors and mapping to MAX to generate sounds. The story arc is still being flushed out but essentially, I approach with a mask that’s part air mask part organism- biomimicry / industrial. I approach the scoby incubator and attach my mask to it somehow, possibly with 2 tubes on either side. I start moving it & treating it in a specimen like way, then soon realize what I do to it effects me. This speaks to my research on Posthuman perspectives and non-human perspective – othering. 

Due by 1st week of December to use in NIME performance:

  • I’d like to use eco-filament that is translucent and has some flexibility – need to do more research on which available material is best.
  • I made a 3d scan of my head at school but would like to get a new one done at Laguardia for accuracy
  • 3d design the mask, measuring my face and using 3d scan for proportions.


Stretch goal, time permitting, explore 3d printing with bacterial cellulose.

  • research if anyone’s doing this
  • office hours to see what’s possible on the floor
  • combining materials?


Another iteration on this mask:

Make it 3 sided that could rotate – possibly incorporating it into performance – adding another dimension to story – each side had different emotions / personas.








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