Soft Sensing Workshop #1 – Material Tests

Jenna and I explored the 4 soft conductive materials provided: Velostat, Eeonyx Pressure Sensing Fabric, Eeonnyx Stretch Sensing Fabric & Eeonnyx StaTex Conductive Fiber. The first 2 needed to have conductive material on either side for ground and power. The last 2 only needed to be clipped or attached at either at either end. The results are below:


In general I noticed all of the soft conductive material, varies a lot probably due to recovery of soft material to original form, not so much that it was completely out of a certain range, but enough to have to re-calibrate frequently.

The prospect of using soft conductive material (bought, found or organic),  as variable resistors really opened up PComp in general for me in an exciting way. It feels great to be a bit less reliant on store bought variable resistors.



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