PComp #4 – Keyboard Instrument

When I first set up the circuit board and wrote the code, the first note didn’t play, I tried switching out a button but that didn’t make a difference. Then I unplugged the wire going into the button and the other buttons were still playing notes so I figured maybe that wire needed to be switched out, I think even though it clicked in on both sides, it was a touch too short. Once I put a new wire in, the 1st button started playing.

1st Key Not Working from Nire ITP on Vimeo.

At first there were code errors, I eventually realized that there multiple curly brackets at the end of the code, when I erased them, it ran smoothly.

Playing 15 seconds of “Lean on Me”:

15 seconds Lean On Me Arduino from Nire ITP on Vimeo.




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