PComp Class #3

Public Interactive Tech: Link NYC, various locations, observed 14th st & 5th ave.


The kiosk has a clean and simple interface. It’s free to use which adds to how people interact with it. There’s something about people having private conversations in public that I think I will always find somewhat odd no matter how used to it I become. With a bigger screen, it seems more toy-like and “futuristic” than the familiar iphone conversation spillage. It’s interesting to look into how fast people get angry or frustrated with a piece of technology since there is no consequence for it or response, although it can lead to less success. I observed some people becoming annoyed at difficulty connecting. Others that were connected and speaking loudly on speaker phone without earbuds which was sweet and funny.



For the analog input circuit I used a potentiometer and LED and programmed Arduino where the brightness of LED was divided by 4 that allowed the light to dim by turning the potentiometer. For the digital in /out I set up 2 LED light bulbs, I used a program with a conditional that allowed one light bulb to be on without pressing the button, that turned off when button was pressed and the other lit up.

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