Final VR Proposal

I’m creating a fantastical world that is less a linear story but more a dream experience/poem, incorporating ritual. Drawing from Rhizome theory, somatic intelligence, cellular memory and how that relates to movement/dance, effects of the absence of ritual & communal metabolizing, effects of capitalistic hierarchies on our bodies and psyches and subsequent divorce from nature.

One scene is a space surrounded by an abstracted time-lapse of mushrooms growing, with a spirit of the mushroom speaking to the user.

I’m filming 360 video over the weekend that will be of 3 people dancing. I’ve been struggling with how I want to it to end and am still exploring that through trying out different scenes, it also depends on my skill level to accomplish it. I’m also composing sounds or using pre-existing songs of mine for the piece. I’d like to connect mycelium I grew to MIDI sprout to control certain environmental aspects of the scene if I’m able to figure that out in time, but that will be secondary to the content.

April 1-12th

  • Narrowing down ideas and building different scenes/learning specific Unity skills for my final needs, re-editing many times so that my idea was feasible in the given time
  • building 3d characters for use in piece
  • editing video for use in piece
  • writing exercises for words used
  • making music for piece
  • buying materials to be used in the filming section

April 12-19th

  • filming of dance scene in 360
  • final building of all scenes
  • finalizing music and words
  • exploring MIDI further


  • in an abstract piece – leaving things open for interpretation but also having concept come through, where those lines are
  • might not have enough skills yet as needed for everything I’d like to do

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