Materials Connexion – Bacteria Cellulose

    • Email link
    • Image of material
    • Link to Material Connexion page
    • How does it relate to your Soft Engineering interests?
    • Soft Durometer/Flexibility/Elasticity/Other – Which properties does it have?
    • Distributors – Where can you buy it? If no distributor, how do you get in touch with manufacturer?
    • On label use?


I was drawn to this piece because it is a natural material and is tough. flexible and translucent. It is a bacteria cellulose, it feels kind of like a very thing leather but more gummy without being sticky. It’s produced as a secretion from bacteria that’s fed sugary solution in a warm bath which I find very interesting. I’ve seen mycelium made leather like material before, they could probably serve in similar ways but are pretty different in texture.

I think this would be interesting to work with for the dome given its unique form and would look beautiful with lights coming through it.  It’s important to me that it’s eco friendly.

Manufacturer / distributor info coming soon when my login gets reactive on Material Connexions.


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