Fabrication – enclosure

I chose to make a speaker enclosure that I will be using for PComp out of PVC. I cut small pieces of PVC tube on the miter saw to use as connectors between the curved pieces.

i will be attaching a mirrored acrylic base to it today.

The pipes at Home Depot were called 2″ but the opening is larger than that, so the Bluetooth speakers I bought fall right through, I’m going to purchase larger ones that can click in and out. For now I’m using bubble wrap and have the top pieces tilted up, which looks better aesthetically as well. I’m considering using mod podge and doing some sort of collage on it or try covering it in cement, i do also like it white, so thinking of somehow making it a glossy finish.

Im going to incorporate this into my pcomp final, where there will be two audio outputs, one will be inside a bowl of water – whose output is triggered by a theremin, that controls whale sounds, pitch and delay through p5js. A plant will be suspended in the middle of the water that has a biofeedback system that gets translated to MIDI and will be run through ableton. This pipe enclosure will be the output for the plant. There’s a place in the middle on top of the speakers, for an air plant.

2 Replies to “Fabrication – enclosure”

  1. Nice work, but I need more information. How are the speakers attached to the PVC tubes? How do the speakers sound in the new tube enclosure? What does the acrylic base look like?


    1. Speakers are going to have a little string where you can pop them out for charging and on/off function. I haven’t done that yet because the speakers are the wrong size and am waiting on new ones to arrive. I was thinking of lasering a circle that rests inside for the speaker, but since it already tapers after the mouth, it provides a shelf for the speakers. I haven’t tried the sound yet because I didn’t think of documenting that aspect! Will update in blog on all these points when I have them. The base is going to be an oval shape 3/8″ acrylic to keep in line with curviness but also add support and another fun design element of reflection.


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