Fabrication Week #6 – Motors – Rotating Light

I initially wanted to work with a drone and hide it within a paper lantern so I bought a kit on Amazon. I was able to put it together so it worked but it was so tricky to control it, I decided to switch directions.


I found a motor in the junk shelf and decided to work with that:

At first I put the rubber cap on top because it fit snugly, but then realized anything I attached to it wouldn’t rotate. I tried to stick a piece of wire into a cork and glue that to the cap but that wasn’t successful, so I decided to stick the wire directly into the encasing.

I secured the motor into an acrylic box by cutting 2 chopsticks and wedging into place, so the motor wasn’t top heavy. I had planned on soldering the battery and motor together after looping wire through the hole in acrylic box but forgot to unfortunately.

Soldering the battery to the motor:


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