Week #2 – Multiples – Cement Offering Bowls

I wanted to do a multi-step process that involved working with organic-like materials in a uniform way but where the material would ultimately have the final say.  I was thinking of companies that do large runs of irregular pieces that are hand made and how the variations are the desired outcome, but can still work within a series.

I chose to work with cement and balloons as the mold, creating a very smooth inside with a rough more natural outside – mimicking something you’d find in nature such as a barnacle or an egg.  As I worked with the 1st piece, I noticed the concrete was very thick, so I added water to the entire mix to increase malleability.  I had to constantly add water and squeeze through the cement to keep it from becoming solid.

When I got to my 2nd and 3rd model, there was a refinement in my technique, where i would put the whole amount of material on top of the balloon and then smooth it out, and then wet the gloves and lightly smooth out the surface. 

It took 3 days to completely dry out. On the 3rd evening I noticed some of the balloons had lost some air, creating space in between the balloon and concrete and there were cracks in one of them, due to unevenness in the levels of cement.

I then painted the insides gold and the extra one black on the outside, I left the 5 natural on the outside because I preferred the look.

I finished with a matte finish spray to seal them. The intended use is for candles, offering bowls, for jewelry or decorative.



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